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Domestic use flour

The milling experience of Molini Lario was employed to make available to the final consumer the same flour used by professionals. Starting from this objective, it was designed the line bag paper Kg Dal Mulino del lago (the Wildmill of the Lake), based on four references, destined to the private customers who enjoy trying making products from pasta to pizza, to the many baked goods, using flour with specific characteristics.

The all in one - 1 kg flour bag

“La Tutt’uno" flour of Molini Lario is a particularly suitable flour to make the most common homemade recipes to make bread, focaccia, and panbrioche. The natural amount of gluten content in this flour is ideal for the dough made by hand: this characteristic, combined with a short kneading time, makes a balanced flour also for the production of fresh pasta.

Rheological values: W 190/210 - flour type 00

The “Crumbly” – 1 kg flour bag

“La Friabile" flour of Molini Lario is a flour for sweets suitable for the production of biscuits, Shortbread, tarts, sponge cake and products of small pastries. The wheat used in this mixing give origin to a low gluten content, excellent characteristic to support shorter leavening time: the result obtained is acompact and crumbly pastry, or a soft sponge cake.

Rheological values: W 140/160 - flour type 00

Pizza – 1 kg flour bag


The flour used for "pizza" of Molini Lario is obtained from a careful soft wheat blending to support medium leavening preparations. The gluten feature that you get and the strength of this flour make it ideal for the production of pizzas and medium leavening focaccias. Using an amount of yeast equivalent to 3% of the flour, the rest times of the dough at room temperature are of a couple of hours.

Rheological values: W 220/240 - flour type 00

The Strong - 1 kg flour bag

"La Forte" flour of Molini Lario is ideal for the production of breads and long leavening focaccias, Croissant, Plum Cake, Big Cakes and Large leavened with fruit and candied fruit. To obtain this flour you start from a mixture of selected grains with characteristics of strength, quality of gluten and water absorption capacity necessary and indispensable in supporting long kneading times, prolonged leavening and large amounts of structuring ingredients such as sugar, butter and eggs.

Rheological values: W 330/360 - flour type 00

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