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Out of an outgoing concern for supporting its customers in each of their developments, Molini Lario has perfected a new line of mixes for professionals. Whether for bread, pizza and pastry makers using directs doughs or pre-doughs (older dough, poolish, biga or sourdough). Our mixes are developed according to the selected flour bases of Tanta Fibra, are quick and easy-to-use, generate considerable time savings and higher production yield.


Soft Bread MixOur Soft Bread Mix is a perfect blend of Type 2 Soft Wheat Flour, durum wheat semolina, oat flour and barley flour and helps to create a wide range of products distinguished by remarkable softness. The mix is suitable for the production of sandwiches, tartines or bakery sweet products obtained throughout dedicated complex recipes with milk, eggs and butter. Already salted: 2%.


CEREAL AND SEED MIX The Cereal and Seed Mix is a blend of Molini Lario Type 2 Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, seed and cereal flakes including sunflower, sesame, flax, oats and barley. Our Cereal and Seed mix allows to obtain a typical texture and cereal aroma product optimising the management of raw material inventory and assuring uniform and high-quality finished goods. Already salted: 2%.

Discover our TANTA FIBRA line

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