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Molini Lario

A history of excellence.

Molini Lario is synonymous with quality excellence in the field of the production of flour obtained from the grinding and mixing of soft wheat.

Such excellence comes from the use of the best wheat - from national and foreign markets - following a rigorous selection method, a production process that makes use of cutting-edge milling techniques, as well as a constant and rigorous monitoring - carried out in its analysis laboratories - of the wheat used and the flours produced. This process generates Molini Lario flour that meets the various needs of the customers, ensuring those excellent consistent quality standards recognized by the market.

Range of flours for bread-making

The complete and wide range of bread-making flours represents the basic offer that qualifies Molini Lario and its recognized product excellence.
The value of these flours lies in being developed in a targeted way to allow the best result in various baking applications, whether they are obtained through direct or indirect doughs, through the optimal mixing of wheat of different varieties, origins and with different rheological properties.

Gran Pizza range

Molini Lario has dedicated to the Made in Italy product par excellence a range of flours capable of enhancing the typical characteristics of softness, fragrance and crunchiness that have always distinguished good pizza in the world.
The varieties of wheat used in these pizza flours are essential to obtain a correct protein structure capable of supporting the fermentation stage, thus favouring the creation of a highly digestible finished product.

Gran Dolce range

The strong point of Molini Lario is the range of flours developed in favour of artisan pastry.
The selection of high-quality wheat - suitable for obtaining these flours for sweets - is associated with a process of grinding the wheat that enhances the elasticity properties of the flour and high water absorption capacity.

A one-hundred-year history of excellence

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