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Molini Lario destined to this Made in Italy product par excellence a flour line capable of highlighting the typical features of softness, fragrance and crunchiness, that have been always characterizing a good pizza in the world. The variety of grains used in those flours for pizza are essential to obtain a correct protein structure necessary of the fermentation phase, creating a highly digestible finished product.

Flour for Classic Pizza

linea pizza ML 17Farina Pizza Classica of Molini Lario is particularly suitable for the production of the dish classic pizza. This flour, due to its particular recipe, allows to obtain a smooth and elastic dough, particularly suitable for long leavening. The golden and homogeneous colour combined with the exceptional crunchiness are the essential characteristics to obtain a high level quality pizza employing such special flour.

Rheological values: W 420/450 – Type 00 flour

Flour for Pan Pizza

linea pizza ML 16Farina Pizza Teglia of Molini Lario is particularly suitable for the production of pizza by the slice, pan pizza and focaccia. This type of flour, due to its particular recipe, is suitable for medium/short leavening and allows to obtain an easily extensible dough that annuls the manufacturing difficulties. The flour for pizza will give to your product a regular texture and an exceptional fragrance.

Rheological values: W 250/270 – type 00 flour 

Flour for Italian Tricolore Pizza

linea pizza PIZZA BELLAFarina Pizza Tricolore of Molini Lario is particularly suitable for dish pizza, pan pizza or focaccias requiring a medium lasting leavening with bigas and natural yeast.

Rheological values: W 300/320 – Type 00 flour

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