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The strength of Molini Lario is the flour line developed in favour of the artisans pastry. The selection of high-quality grains employed to extract flours for desserts, is associated to a mixing grain process that exalts the elastic characteristics of the flours and the high capacity of water absorption.

Flour for Shortcrust

linea pizza ML 16

Farina Frolla of Molini Lario is particularly wellsuitable for the production of: pastry, shortcrust, biscuits, sponge cake and cakes.
This type of flour, due to its particular recipe, allows to obtain shortcrust with a particularly homogeneous structure that gives to the finished products the right relation between friability and compactness. Such flour makes the dough soft and finished products light and homogeneous when making sponge cakes and cakes.

Rheological values: W 170/190 – Type 00 flour

Flour for Puff

linea pizza ML 16 Farina Sfoglia of Molini Lario is particularly suitable for the production of: cannoncini, fans of puff, puffs, pretzels, vol au vent and other pastry productions. This flour, particularly soft, allows to work with great ease of lamination, obtaining products with excellent flaking and friability, excellent volume, regularity and constancy in results. Ideal also for products that are subject to freezing treatment.

Rheological values: W 300/330 – Type 00 flour

Flour for leavened

linea pizza ML 16 Farina Lievitati of Molini Lario is particularly suitable for the production of: croissant, brioches, krapfen, donuts and other leavened desserts. This flour has good elasticity characteristics combined with excellent absorption and great stability and constancy. The results are excellent in croissants and flaked products in terms of lightness and flaking. It ensures an excellent leavening hold to every leaved pastas, to finished products regular texture, homogeneous and high volume. It is also ideally suited for controlled leavening manufactures.

Rheological values: W 360/380 – Type 00 flour

Flour for Panettone

linea pizza ML 16 Farina Panettone of Molini Lario is particularly suitable for the production of: panettone, pandoro, colomba, veneziana, the Veneto focaccia and other special bakery products with long leavening. This very elastic and structured flour allows every manufacture of occasion products with very guaranteed results. Is also particularly suitable for leavened pasta manufactures that have to resist to freezing process.

Rheological values: W 420/450 – Type 00 flour

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