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The complete and wide range of bread-making flours represents the basic offer that qualifies Molini Lario and its recognized product excellence. The value of these flours lies in being developed in a targeted way to allow the best result in various baking applications, whether they are obtained through direct or indirect doughs, through the optimal mixing of wheat of different varieties, origins and with different rheological properties.

00 Plus – 00 Victory

Flour for blending or for Biga with 24-48 hour leavening indicated in recipes particularly rich in other flours and ingredients of different nature.

Rheological values 00 PLUS: W 530/580
Rheological values 00 VICTORY: W 460/500

00 Fiore – 00 Man top – 00 Lieviti – 0 Top M

Flour type 00 and 0 for the production of long leavening breads such as rosetta, soffiato, ciabatta, retarded soft doughs for Biga with 24-36 hour leavening..

Rheological values 00 FIORE: W 420/450
Rheological values 00 MAN TOP: W 380/420
Rheological values 00 LIEVITI: W 350/380
Rheological values 0 TOP M: W 380/420

00 Super P – 00 ML – 00 EXS – 0 Millenium – 0 ML

Flour Type 00 and 0 for the production of machine made breads and Biga with 18-24 hour leavenings.

Rheological values 00 SUPER P: W 330/360
Rheological values 00 ML: W 290/320
Rheological values 00 EXS: W 270/300
Rheological values 0 MILLENNIUM: W 330/360
Rheological values 0 ML: W 290/320

00 S – 00 Biove – 0 S

Flour type 00 and 0 for direct doughs and with Biga for medium/long processing. Ideal for French bread/baguette

Rheological values 00 S: W 250/270
Rheological values 00 BIOVE: W 230/250
Rheological values 00 S: W 250/270

00 R – 00 M – 00 D – 0 A/R – 0 A – 0 D

Flour type 00 and 0 for Direct doughs and with Biga for the production of homemade breads such as Toscano, Umbro and Bozza

Rheological values 00 R: W 220/240
Rheological values 00 M: W 210/220
Rheological values 00 D: W 190/210
Rheological values 0 A/R: W 220/240
Rheological values 0 A: W 210/220
Rheological values 0 D: W 190/210

00 B – 0 C

Ideal for biscuits and shortcrust pastries.

Rheological values 00 B: W 120/140
Rheological values 0 C: W 160/180

1 azzurra – 2 azzurra

Suited for direct doughs.
Refresh flours of Biga.
Ideal for Ciabatta, Zoccoletti, Sweet and Salty Focaccia.

Rheological values: W 220/240

1 arancio – 2 arancio

Suited for Classic Biga at 18°C for 18-20 hours.
Cutting Flour for MEDIUM LEAVENING doughs.
Long Fermentation Products in cold chain, in retarder proofers.

Rheological values: W 300/330

Integrale 1 – integrale top

Ideal for Bigaand Cutting for bakery products.
Rheological values: W 270/300

Ideal for leavened pastry and festive products.
Rheological values: W 380/420


Mix made from Flour type 2 and 3% oat fibre. Ideal for direct and indirect high hydration doughs.

Rheological values: W 300/330

"00" pasta fresca

Ideal for fresh egg pasta..

Rheological values: W 270/320

Semola rimacinata – Semola extra

Flours and semolina used for producing dry pasta, fresh egg pasta and potato gnocchi. Their low ash values prevent dark colour and specks. Ideal for the production of large size breads.

"0" B Bio

For direct doughs and with Biga the production of homemade breads such as Toscano Umbro and Bozza.

Rheological values: W 130/170
s.c. 25 Kg

"00" Granulina

Ideal Flour for the production of fresh egg pasta and gnocchi, as well as for dusting in classic pizza production.
5 Kg bag


Natural Yeast Powder for Breadmaking.
1 Kg bag

Instant Dry Yeast for bakery products.
500 g bag

Other flours

Farina di segale tipo 1
Farina di segale tipo 2
Farina di segale integrale
Farina di farro
Farina di farro integrale

25 Kg bag

Altre farine

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