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  • Molini Lario Armonie

In order to guarantee the best support all the professionals of the sector who wish to broaden their product range and distinguish themselves in the market, Molini Lario has realized ARMONIE, a wide line of formulations suited for obtaining high added value finished products.

The line of semi-processed products ARMONIE been developed starting from the blends already realized by Molini Lario for the leading industries of the sector, in order to guarantee the best quality performance. The grains employed derive from a variety selection process, carried out within Molini Lario quality supply chain, in close collaboration with the best seed companies.

The high quality and safety standards which characterize all the semi-processed products of ARMONIE are the same which have always distuinguished the excellence and autenticity of Molini Lario’s products.

ARMONIE Eccelsio

With ARMONIE ECCELSIO, Molini Lario guarantees certainty of results and ease of use to artisan bakers who wish to offer bakery products enriched with seeds and varied flours.

ARMONIE - Eccelsio


With ARMONIE DELIZIA, artisan Pastry Chefs can rely on stable formulations for making base products such as Sponge Cake, Soft Pastries, Brioches, Muffins, allowing for creativity and immagination.

ARMONIE - Delizia

ARMONIE Coadiuvanti

With ARMONIE COADIUVANTI, Molini Lario provides a wide range of preparations suited for stabilizing and valorizing the manifold artisanal bakery recipes.

ARMONIE - Coadiuvanti
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