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Laboratory and Quality Control

The Quality Control laboratory is the real organ that ensure qualitative excellence of Molini Lario. Primary function of the laboratory is the systematic analysis carried out both during preventive selection of wheat consignments and at the moment of its delivery, as well as on milling and mixing of flours.

Such analysis involves punctual Rheological checks (Chopin analysis, farinograph analysis and extensograph curves) and physic-chemical checks (gluten content, proteins, falling number and ashes).

In addition to the analysis abovementioned, the laboratory operates also in the context of a self-monitoring plan for residuals checks, in order to safeguard from all point of views its clientele.

Certifications: our quality policy

Since 1996 Molini Lario has been equipped with a Quality Management System which is essential to ensure its customers the highest qualitative standards through systematic controls of the whole production process.

Through its Quality Policy, Molini Lario takes account of costumers needs bringing them inside the corporate organization to provide the best efficiency possible.

Through the application of health and hygiene Risk Analysis and the Critical Control Points (HACCP), Molini Lario is able to guarantee the highest security and reliability levels of its products and services, with a particular reference to the strict selection of wheat suppliers.


The Molini Lario plant is located in the area of Alzate Brianza and with its daily capacity of common wheat milling of equal to 425 t, corresponding to 330 t of flour per day, represents one of the most relevant production unit in the national milling industry.
The complex and efficient structure of wheat storage is a strategic factor of the Molini Lario.
In fact Molini Lario is able to ensile separately more than 30 different varieties of common wheat, guaranteeing the fundamental flexibility in the following phases of mixing and milling.

Thanks to the important investments, the production flow of the mill grinding has been completely computerized. Since the Molini Lario company joined the project “Luci Spente (Lights off)”, the mill operates during night using only a remote monitoring.

  • T001

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