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The Academy

Accademia Farina - a centre of experimentation of the new flours developed by Molini Lario and of the methods for obtaining the best results in bread-making - represents the meeting point between the company and the most qualified part of its network of artisan bakers, pastry chefs and pizza makers.

Thanks to a well-equipped Application and Research & Development Centre, under the guidance of master bakers, pizza chefs and pastry chefs and within a scheduled calendar of events, Molini Lario customers participate in Interactive Seminars, thus strengthening the dialogue between the company and its customers, as well as enriching each other's knowledge.

The heart of Accademia Farina is the Application and Research & Development Centre, created to study new flour formulations designed to meet the growing needs of the market. Whether they are aimed at new formulations or more simply at comparisons between existing flours, the experiments carried out in this laboratory allow the optimization of flours and methods related to the bread-making process.

Accademia Farina Molini Lario

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