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with TYPE 2 and WHOLEMEAL TANTAFIBRA range flours

For the biga

Type 2 ORANGE flour: 1000 g
Water (43%): 430 g
Brewer's yeast: 10 g
Mix the ingredients to get a dough. Leave to rest according to standard guidelines.


BIGA: 1440 g
Type 2 LIGHT BLUE feeding flour: 1000 g WHOLEMEAL flour: 250 g
Double-milled durum wheat semolina: 750 g Malt extract: 30 g
Brewer's yeast: 30 g
HYLARIO: 200 g
1st Water: 1200 g
2nd Water: 200 g approx.
Salt: 65 g EVO: 130 g

FOR THE FINAL DOUGH: Mix all the ingredients on 1st speed for 15 minutes. Mix all the ingredients, except the 2nd water, which will be added gradually until the dough is quite structured. To characterize Puccia, add approx. 800g of pitted olives or other ingredients to taste during the last 2-3 minutes of mixing. Final temperature of the dough: 28°C.

RESTING: Let the dough rest for 10-20 mins approx. at 28°C/75% RH.

DIVIDING THE DOUGH: Portion the dough into 100-120g pieces and form each piece into a round shape. Place on floured boards and let rise for 30 minutes at 28°C/75% RH.

SHAPING: Lightly flatten the Puccia breads and place them on baking trays.

PROOFING: Let the Puccia breads rise at 28°C/75% RH for 60 mins approx. However, they should double in size.

BAKING: Bake the Puccia breads at medium steam 245°C for 15-20 mins approx.

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