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Soft sheet pan focaccia/pizza


Focaccia/pizza soffice in teglia


00 Flour (00 R or type 1 or 2 AZZURRA), 1000 g
550-600 g water
25 g salt
25 g fresh yeast
25 g Extra Vergin Olive Oil

PREPARATION: Mix all the ingredients, except for the salt and oil which have to be added after the dough has started to form.

Let the dough rest at room temperature for aprox. 20 minutes, drizzling a little oil over the surface.

Strech out an appropriate amount of dough in a sheet pan. Complete the stretching in 2/3 stages, until the dough is spread over the whole surface of the sheet pan, leaving about 10 minutes between each stage. To obtain a high and soft focaccia/pizza, stretch out aprox. 0.8 cm of dough each cm2 of surface. Ex.: for a round sheet pan with a 28 cm diameter, stretch out aprox. 490 g of dough.

Prepare the brine/tomato sauce and spread it over the surface.

Let rise for aprox. 1.5/2 hours at room temperature or in a turned-off oven.

According to the oven, bake at 230° for 18/20 minutes aprox.

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