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For the biga

Type 1 ORANGE flour: 2000 g
Water (43%): 860 g
Brewer's yeast: 6 g
Mix the ingredients to get a starter dough.
Leave to rest according to standard guidelines.


BIGA: 2866 g
Type 1 LIGHT BLUE feeding flour: 2000 g
Double-milled durum wheat semolina: 1000 g
Malt extract: 54 g
HYLARIO: 900 g
1st Water: 1950 g
2nd Water: 1200 g approx.
Salt: 110 g

FOR THE FINAL DOUGH: Mix all the ingredients on 1st speed for 18 minutes and on 2nd speed for 2 minutes. Mix all the ingredients, except the 2nd water, which will be added gradually until the dough is smooth and elastic.

RESTING: Let the dough rest in an oiled bowl for 80 mins approx. at 28°C/75% RH.

DIVIDING THE DOUGH: Portion the dough into 550-1250g pieces.

SHAPING: Form into a round shape and place in baskets with a floured cloth.

PROOFING: Let rise for 80-90 minutes at 28°C/75% RH.

BAKING: Turn the baskets directly over a bread peel or baking sheet. Bake at 250°C with valves in the open position. After 10 minutes lower the temperature to 235°C and finish the last 10 minutes baking with valves in the closed position. Total baking time for 550g loaves: 50 mins approx. The bread should turn an amber colour.

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